Using programming to generate art is so satisfying. 😍

I am reading "India and Communism" an incomplete draft by . From his own words, I can understand that he believed in State Socialism and wanted to take advantage of the State apparatus to fight both caste and class oppression inter-wined in . I see that is also why he wanted to stick to constitutional methods.

Science is a process. This process has it's phases and steps. Any scientific facts should be established following these steps.

Many people stop at Hypothesis stage and consider it to be the fact or truth.

Started reading this book 😊 will share contents as I progress through this book as always.

Live creation of sculptures of , and in Tamilnadu Progressive Writers & Artists Association's (தமிழ்நாடு முற்போக்கு எழுத்தாளர், கலைஞர்கள் சங்கம்) conference that took place at .

While the casteist and hindutuva forces bring down and attack the statues, this is an act of resistance.

The south of will always resist back. Down with Fascism!

சிலி நாட்டுல இருக்குற La Silla வானியல் தொலைநோக்கி. பின்னாள நாம வசிக்குற பால்வழிப் பால்வெளி படர்ந்துருக்கு!

I hope some of you might have seen my updates on my current book reading. It is a book about a 90 year old from

If not, you can check here.

I was happy to know that yesterday Leftword Books have organized a book release function on this same book by CM and economist Prof. and Kerala's Finance Minister and also one of the co-author of the book Dr.

Today's progress on the book. Introducing Vagbhatananda, yet another advaita vedanti from the same Ezhava caste. Unlike Sree Narayana Guru who built temples for idol worship, Vagbhatananda was against it. He believed in the practice of Atmavidya
(self knowledge/consciousness) and again contradicting with the former he believed everyone could pursue the path of knowledge and he stood against hierarchy.

Today's progress on the book. Yesterday, I shared a page from the book that highlighted the worst of caste practices.

Today, tracing back to the roots of social reforms and other movements in Kerala, introducing a spiritual guru named Sree Narayana Guru who was born on a lower Ezhava caste and subscribed to "Advaita Vedanta" philosophy.

Unlike traditional vedanti's, Sree Narayana Guru didn't ignore the world as Maya or the existence of caste oppression as illusion. He sought to fight back.

Couple of months back I bought this book from Leftword Books. This book has documented the case of a cooperative in Kerala which was started by construction workers 90 years back and their evolution without compromising the principles of cooperation.

The text that I have highlighted shows the how the irrational caste system had been in practice in Kerala and to most part of India too.

Rendering data of in two different forms.

1. Raster format (collection of pngs rendered) nearly 50mb.
2. Vector format rendering on-demand on-device of size in few hundred kbs :-)

I feel happy whenever I see kids of this age group come out and play in streets.

It helps them socialiaze, appreciate the talents of their peers, get inspired by their peers, fight with them in short they come into contact with their environment.

I am also happy that I have spent my entire childhood this way.

Successfully setup in my personal server () :muscle_tone1:

Yet to configure it to use with nginx for public access.

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