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Hello amazing artists on using to produce beautiful artworks.

On seeing all your creative works, I wish I also knew how to create such artistic works. But I am a noob when it comes to painting and digital painting.

Apart from Krita's guide to digital painting, is there any beginners resource that I can utilized to learn painting itself?

@solariiknight But then I wonder, why would Rai come out in the open and reveal these now?

BFF is going viral in in India.

LOL - Laughing Out Loud
ROFL - Rolling On Floor & Laughing

Similarly, BFF - Best Friends Forever. For creating a better User Experience, facebook has included some interactions via their JS.

Without knowing the true meaning of what BFF stands for, many ignorant people on FB are falling to a fake news that if you type BFF in comment and if it turns in green color, it means your account on FB is protected.

LOL 😂 😂 😂 😂

Today's progress on the book. Introducing Vagbhatananda, yet another advaita vedanti from the same Ezhava caste. Unlike Sree Narayana Guru who built temples for idol worship, Vagbhatananda was against it. He believed in the practice of Atmavidya
(self knowledge/consciousness) and again contradicting with the former he believed everyone could pursue the path of knowledge and he stood against hierarchy.

@solariiknight where did you get this image from? Source?

The people in this image are BJP spokesperson, Nupur Sharma (extreme left), Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi (2nd from right) and AAP spokesperson Alka Lamba (extreme right). They're fine with holidaying with one another, though they work against each other's parties on their job.

v2.3.2rc5 (release candidate) is out:

If there are no issues, v2.3.2 will be out today or tomorrow.

The animated video about Mastodon is actually almost done. I'll probably be able to upload it by tonight!

This would be fine... except that we all live inside an enormous series of prisons called nation-states. Within these nation-states we're forced to participate in a game based on artificial scarcity called capitalism, and losing the game means suffering or death. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you're not a billionaire but you're defending capitalism you're a rat defending traps. You hope one day you'll be the one who can get the cheese without getting caught, but that's the myth that powers the system. (

@demonshreder I was expecting your reply :-) Materialism doesn't say idealism is wrong but it just says ideals has to be super imposed on material world, for material is primary and ideals are formed on top of the conditions of the material world.

Subscribing to the same philosophy Hindu Reformists sort to change the status quo. I am worried today we have lost that kind of action.