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I'm starting over. I am switching away from Google, Apple, and Microsoft. I am slowly going to switch to free software. I have chosen Mastodon as the new social network I will use. #introductions

@demonshreder handled Python Programming Session for beginners today at

Here is the pictures of the meetup

TIL In 1975, the women of Iceland went on strike

Like completely

As in not paid work, house work, child-rearing, or anything else expected of women at the time. Most schools closed. Bank execs ended up working teller positions. Flights got cancelled because flight attendants didn't show up

The country basically shut down for a day

"I am going to write a complete Unix-compatible software system called GNU (for Gnu's Not Unix), and give it away free to everyone who can use it." - This was the birth of / happy birthday and thanks for this enormous gift!

"I've made a series of videos on how to set up your own Nextcloud instance with 1TB of storage on Raspberry Pi running Arch Linux ARM"

#System76 is releasing a new open-source computer, available for preorder next month. In the coming weeks, before the finalized hardware is announced, a four-part animation will be released weekly, with design updates hidden within a game portion of the story.

#OpenHardware #OpenSource #GnuLinux

The Supreme Court of India issued a complicated verdict on the .

The verdict isn't perfect, but there's some good in it.

Mishi Choudhary, SFLC's Legal Director, has been interviewed extensively on the verdict.

This is one of her statements:

You know whats awesome about the fediverse?

Developers working together. This isn't a competition. Everyone wins.

The social network #ScuttleButt is unusual:

-You can view and post messages while offline. It updates when a connection is next available.

-It optionally supports #MeshNetworks, so you can connect to others without the internet.

It's still quite tricky to use, but a new app called #ManyVerse is trying to make it easier:

Currently on Android (on Play and soon F-Droid), with iOS and desktop Win/Mac/Linux on the way.

#SSB #SecureScuttleButt #Alternatives

"Germany says No to Public Cloud, Chooses Nextcloud's Open Source Solution" coverage of the move of the German Federal Government to #nextcloud by

Protip: no organisation that actually values your privacy will have a popup that says “we value your privacy” on their web site.


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