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John Reilly, a top MIT researcher, cried at the end of an NPR interview. Trump had cited Reilly's research as part of the reason for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord

@orcnd Yea no offense but Mastodon isn't (nor any social networks) our bug trackers. Our Budgie tracker is and you can file requests / issues there. Do note that we're mostly in freeze for Budgie 10.x, so unless we put out another minor release for 10.3 series, won't be resolved until 11.

Awwwww yea, looks who's up in all this Mastodon business. That's right, the Solus Project. - Joshua

In a software driven world, developers have a special responsibility, don't close our eyes! #software #dev #responsibility #ethics

One, by reading the argument of Vedanta Philosophy, especially of Advaita Vedanta (Brahma-Sutra), as propagated by Adi Shankara and others can also find a very close similarity and corelation between Immanuel Kant's philosophy based on metaphysics and Hegel's philosophy of dialectical idealism.

I started a #Wikipedia page for the #Fediverse. Any links for good refs welcome, especially on the origin of the name
"Software freedom is human freedom." - Cory Doctorow at #LibrePlanet 2017. Watch his full talk:

attack on public education institution, protests, by lawful hard coercion has become a habit gradually and reaching epitomes now.... indication of right extremists and fascist fundamentals prevailing all among us as in 1984 situation.

we are in a unique situation in India, atleast among the democracies. No democratic-republic have dared to get confused on the matters of civil-liberties, right to privacy. There were worst periods in post independent India which still lingers around and creates pain in the ass that greatly helps state to coerce people in all possible ways that are basically illegal and unconstitutional. We now have a similar situation which will be further more devastating.

individual complaints and criticisms are not enough for action, collective network effect is needed to invalidate aadhaar and its mean paternal, fascist seeds.

@arunisaac am using Intex Aquafish. I suppose that was the only SailfishOS based device in . Now they have stopped that too.

@dysko would love to have and contribute as well..Am on sailfishos

I have started to dwell deep into understanding ancient (IP) which is more often equated to (HP).

As a starter, let me point out this. The school of Indian Philosophy can be divided into 2 categories. Orthodox & Heterodox.

The Hindu Philosophy falls in the first category. Orthodox schools are those who consider are authoritative, while Heterodox rejects Vedas.

Orthodox schools are mostly theistic and heterodox schools are atheistic.

IP !== HP