Going from a degree in Advertising to a career in Social Work makes you want to urgently throw up when you hear the phrase "our brand image will suffer"

@Gargron Hey, since this instance now has thousands of Indian users with heavy engagement, can you please also add casteism to this point?

I'm still here because I want to hug my girlfriend one more time.
Because in 2 weeks, I'll see my grandmother after a year.
Because I will see a Van Gogh exhibit in December that I have waited the year for.
Because I want to watch the next season of Atypical.
Because I want to eat vada pav from a v specific stall.
Because I want to pet my best friend's dog.
Because they might miraculously make another How To Train Your Dragon film?

What's keeping you alive?

Just get through today? That's all you have to do - survive today. The next 10 minutes. The next hour. Till dinner time. Just till it's bedtime. This cloud will pass. Even if temporarily, it will. And in that brief window of sunshine, you will be warm again. And that warmth will feel good. So let's stick around for it? I'll try with you. Deal?

If no one has told you yet, it's okay even if you acted on it; I understand that you were in a lot of pain. I know, because often, I am too. But it's important that you reach out now, even if it's after you've acted on it. Someone will want to take care of you, love you & keep you around. I want to keep you around.

If you're suicidal, I need you to know that it's okay you're struggling. It's okay that you feel like death is the only answer & if you feel incredibly lonely. But I also need you to know that if anything, you are not alone in your loneliness. I'm lonely. So are more people I know & some people you know.

TW: Self harm

Yesterday was horrible. I lied to everyone that I didn't go into work because of period cramps.

Truth is, I didn't go in because I was too depressed to function. I slept the day away. I felt inadequate and frustrated. I acted on my pain and cut myself. But I reached out for support.

In his interview with Kara Swisher, Snowden says something interesting.

He believes it is not the case that most people do not believe or value privacy, but that being an advocate for privacy comes with the risk of being seen as someone with something to hide.

The implication (and the resulting shame) is far more important than the value it represents.

Perhaps, telling these people that privacy is important may not be the best way to make progress.

How do we address the shame aspect?

One more institutional murder at IIT Madras. Fathima Lathif, an undergraduate student in humanities and social science department committed suicide facing religious and caste discrimination from IIT faculty Sudarshan Padmanabhan, as per her suicide note. IIT Madras is a Brahminical Agrahara which makes the lives of students from minority community perishable in all ways. It is sixth suicide on the campus within two years.

i think it's not that 'everybody's morally grey' but that poor people don't really have any moral choices that they can make freely, everything is stacked up against that and the 'country we are living in' is injustice so there is no avenue for that at all. anyway comrade bong joon ho had the line 'kind because you're rich' which pretty much sums it up. they don't even let someone be a person

//This is criminal. For a wage of Rs 600, the contractor took the manual scavengers to Express Avenue mall. He made them pose in safety gear for a picture and then asked them to remove it before getting into the septic tank.//

If I were to give you the pop culture equivalent of my personality, I'd say I'm the messy hybrid of Elena from ODAAT and Celine from the Before Trilogy.

Coke Studio is self care. Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Gulzar, Kaavish, Ali Sethi and Hariharan are sacred.

If I can learn about history, art, culture and sustainability from you, let's engage with each other? ✨

Hi Fediverse πŸ’›

90% of my outrage is about capitalism and/or consumerism+communalism+climate change. 10% is about the death wish hasn't come true yet. At this temporary stage of my life, I want to consume less and live a sustainable, zero waste life. Work in progress.

I work in the development sector at the intersection of menstrual health and environment sustainability. I live with a few mental illnesses and eczema and struggle with active and passive suicidality.


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