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Since I know the news that #Facebook planned to backdoor #WhatsApp got a fair bit of traction on Fedi (I think I shared some related links), it's worth pointing out this retraction from Bruce Schneier:

Of course, level-headed retractions never get as many boosts as prejudice-reinforcing security panics... but for those of you who care, there it is.


I'll upload the rest of the pictures when I have more free time...


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final exam tomorrow... 😁
unfortunately, its maths 😐

first exam paper tomorrow.... physics...

RIP 🙃🙃🙃

and finally, after 8 and a half hours, I was reaching the end of the Otago peninsula...

unfortunately I had run out of daylight and I wasn't able to get any good photos... I also wasn't able to hold my phone steady enough for the long exposure times needed to properly capture an this , so they all turned out ...

I like this though... it looks ! 😀

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Landscape oil painting. That's all what I have for now.🦋 🍃 🌿
#art #mastoart #painting

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