Just had a lovely chat on the NHS contact tracing app, surveillance and privacy/human rights with Chloe Tilley for BBC World Service Radio.

Looking forward to hearing it in about 3 hours or so.

(We spoke about Faculty AI, Ben and Marc Warner / Vote Leave / Dominic Cummings / SAGE, Palantir and Peter Thiel, GCHG and why the involvement of these folks in your NHS health data, etc., is problematic. I also mentioned how the government should be focusing on testing & PPE.)

Basically, I made it very clear (and in these exact words), that you should not trust this app, you should not download this app, and you should not use this app.)

#NHSApp #ContactTracing


@aral Found the link, if anybody’s interested (Aral’s segment starts at 36:39): bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w172x2sq

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