The pre-pickle phase in my beetrooting experiment. Two handfuls of lovely plucked out of their pot, scrubbed and trimmed

finally, Stay Light (from In Time by Sly and the Family Stone), testing, tweaking, uncertainty and democracy puzzles

An excellent from our friends at Senedd Outreach helping to involve Welsh citizens in the Assembly's work and democratic processes. One for the good eggs out there:

I'm working on something - maybe a new talk - I'd like people to share horror stories about trying to apply for (public service) jobs..
Things like @puntofisso 's classic - or this from Beth Fox on the birdsite

Please boost for reach :)

If you would find yourself in the centre of a Venn diagram of ‘people interested in improving democracy (in practical ways)’ and ‘people who can get to UK on October 4th’ then you should also find yourself at this Practical Democracy Project meet-up we’re running. Come along!

In case anyone is thinking, I wonder if there’s a way I could look like Michael Myers out of the Halloween movie franchise while giving my skin a treat? 🤔 I give you the Boots no7 sheet face mask range

I have just finished the Dalaï Lama’s book ‘A Call for Revolution’ and I’m ready to bring some more compassion to my days, weeks, months and lifetimes

Currently singing ‘He ain’t heavy, he’s my onion’ to The Hollies’ 1969 UK number 3 hit ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’ (which featured a young Elton John on piano - thanks Wikipedia) on account of chopping a fairly light onion while crying

Treating this like a pivotal scene in a war film NO APPLE LEFT BEHIND

@debblanch44 hello! I love your profile pic on here :blobmiou:


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