Sees post about issues with Linux on Desktop
"Linux cannot run Microsoft Office"
Closes article

I think the orange moron missed the opportunity to call his instance "trumpet"

The boss fights in are the best I have ever experienced. I'm usually not a boss fight guy, and I just beat them so I can continue to play. But here, man! I'm always looking forward to fight another one. They are hard, seemingly impossible at first. You die a lot. But you are never frustrated because each death teaches you something new. And when you finally beat one, you feel like an absolute bad ass. Exceptional.

for the last time "intuitive" doesn't mean "you know it"

« Facebook was down for hours, taking out *vital* communications platform ».


Salut à tous·tes,
L'heure est grave, les autorités belges nous demandent de constituer une Cellule de Coopération de la Justice (CCJ). Cette cellule doit répondre aux demandes des autorités belges 24/24h 7/7j.

Constituer une CCJ est problématique pour nous et pour faciliter la lecture nous en avons fait un article de blog ici :

Nous vous invitons vivement à aller le lire parce qu'on en a gros et on a vraiment besoin d'aide. La continuité de Neutrinet en dépend.

Vous pouvez nous contacter en réponse à ce pouet ou par mail contact [at] neutrinet [dot] be ou via notre [Mattermost](

S'il vous plaît les reboosts sont appréciés.

Bien tristement,
Un membre de Neutrinet

Deplatform yourself. Once you are gone from this iLinkedBookOogler BS, once you’ve deployed your own software fitting your own needs, once you’ve blocked all access to them, then you realize how powerless these companies really are. Do not fight to try to make them better. It won’t work. Just leave and let them die.

I don't dispute that jails are hard to break into, but they are even harder to break out of. How many of us would choose to live in a prison in real life? Instead we make risk assessments that balance personal freedom and security, and the digital world should be no different.

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is like a gachapon. You never know what goodies you’re gonna get when you run pacman.

Sway has became unusable without at least 3 not-merged patches (mouse sensitivity, something to fix freeze on lock screen, and something temporary to palliate a bug in GTK making FF unusable). I’m happy I can easily patch it, but I really would like to stop having to care about it :)

Everytime I see ~/.config/*/cache, I have the urge to kill a cat.

Being called a sheep by a conspiracy “theorist” usually makes my day.

We are really doing students a disservice by teaching them on Chromebooks in primary/secondary school. For many, their only other computing experience is their cell phones.

As a result, my first-year students don't know how to install software from the internet.

I love it when people say that they “go[es] to church every Sunday” like it’s a feat that makes them more trustable…

Quite the opposite, in reality.

Today a PM asked UI team to display a graph in a tree, just because he saw another random application that has nothing to do with ours, but which had a tree view...

Keep your stupid “simple” overcomplicated products full of idiotic assumptions on how I’m gonna use it. I want complex shit that does exactly what I want. Guess what? Everybody can RTFM. Thank you.

If only you could take this carbon capture tech, make it solar powered, shrink it so it fits it in your back yard, self-replicating so it could cover thousands of acres of land, and have it double as wildlife habitat, and you would have invented trees.

Funny how Texas is becoming really close to the terrorists they pretend to be the enemy

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