based Link Aggregation app is coming really soon! 🤠

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@prismo Lol I planned to do that during my holidays. What's the license / language?

@marsxyz regarding the license - i have absolutely no knowledge in that topic :) Probably the most "open" one

It's written in ruby (on rails) on backend and Vue.js on frontend

@prismo for the license do what you want, but you may want agpl like every other activitypub servers. (there are good reasons it's this way)

@marsxyz ok, i've just read it and it sounds like something i would love to use/follow. I'm in :)

@marsxyz @prismo I was working on that :) using Vue.js for frontend, Golang for backend, GraphQL for middleware, and Postgre(SQL) with cockroachDB support for database. Just started recently.

@tuxether @prismo Tbh let's just all work on the same to have a good piece of software

Lb yesssss. Reddit descentralizado quero muito.

@prismo oh YES! I can stop whining about no reddit replica! Anything and non-programmer can do to help?

@ninmi i'm definitely gonna let you all know if there will be anything to help with :) But for now - i need to take care about the programming side of the project :) Thank you!

@prismo Also, do you think it would be a good idea to make instances in to "subreddits"? That's kind of what I've dreamed of having.

@ninmi that's an excellent question and i can't stop thinking about it for last few days. The dillema is if we should treat each instance entirely as a single subreddit or if we rather should allow instances to have multiple "subreddits" (it's called a "group" in a activitypub jargon) ... i think it's gonna be the latter with admin option to run instance in a "single-group" mode

@prismo I do strongly believe the former would encourage decentralization and give it meaning. It would make good use of it, much like Mastodon does by advertizing instances as communities.
Then again, maybe there are better ways to encourage decentralization without forcing it, possibly hindering adoption of the platform. Perhaps instances will naturally gravitate towards a single topic?
Either way, thanks for your work!

@ninmi @prismo this is an awesome project to see! thanks for making it! :)
I'm also curious about how federation should work. i think allowing each instance to host subreddits is a good idea. i know i can interact with posts through the masto FE, but will i be able to make posts as well? if so how do i specify the instance/subreddit to post to? will instances host accounts too?

@0x3F you'll not be able to send posts from mastodon as mastodon don't know a concept of "post link" - there are just post body and media. So it can't work this way :/ Posting to "subreddit" will work like gnusocial groups, read more here:

@prismo cool! so in theory i could post from GNU Social? very cool! :)

I would actually dislike it very much if 'subreddits' aka 'groups' would need to be a seperate instance. There might be 10-20 groups that I'd want to read from, but would never make that many accounts.
And having just one group would make me to not want to join at all.

@paulfree14 @ninmi instances will have an option to be single-Group or multiple-group and no matter which one is enabled, you'll be Able to follow any instance using single account so don't worry :)

great. sounds good. thx for building it. was already waiting and hoping for something like it to come.


I think on federated systems you can follow all instances with a single account?

@paulfree14 @prismo There's no reason why a federated Reddit clone should work like Mastodon does; we could/should make it so that people could follow other instance timelines, rather than single users. An instance would perhaps have a timeline for new links, top links etc.
In fact, doing it the way you describe would lead to heavy centralization, as far as I can see. It would lead to one master server ruling the rest if we can't follow other instance timelines.

@ninmi @prismo @paulfree14 There's been some talks about doing something similar in Pleroma.
Bootstrapping some other instance's home timeline to a single user instance for example.
I think that's a great idea.

@artik @prismo @paulfree14 Yeah, I wanted to add that but Mastodon is helping me keep my toots concise.

but ppl could follow groups (that work like a subreddit).
Instances thought could also curate as a community, but also making it for the individuals possible to just curate their personal through following as they want any group, and being by that connected to other communities.

thought that's even how I understood

@paulfree14 @prismo Groups might be even better if done right, and like I said, if we can follow external timelines. Having a single topic for a single instance with no way to filter would be a bit too restrictive and something we could just leave to Reddit itself. We could have, for example, a music related instance with subtimelines for various genres.
What I think is most urgent is that we can follow those other instance timelines.

@prismo <3 love this energy around ActivityPub 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

i dont get it... so u can share directly w activityphb...

@ajeremias when compared to Mastdon:

- "original toot" is a story (or link)
- toot replies are the story/link comments
- stars are vote-ups

And everything dressed up in a UI similar to hackernews / reddit. Also, you can interact with prismo stories using your mastodon account (by voting and replying)

@prismo @ajeremias This sounds so awesome. And it looks great. I'm excited!

@prismo so how does this work? Is each 'community' an instance? Like a subreddit equivalent would be an instance? Very interested !

@bb010g I'll def take a look at that once they go public and ~~steal their ideas~~


Any hint about the language adopted to develop it?

@menjaraz it's ruby (on rails) on backend and Vue.js framework on the frontend

What kind of strange magic is this?;) can't wait, the federation rocks!!

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