based Link Aggregation app is coming really soon! 🀠

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@prismo Lol I planned to do that during my holidays. What's the license / language?

@marsxyz regarding the license - i have absolutely no knowledge in that topic :) Probably the most "open" one

It's written in ruby (on rails) on backend and Vue.js on frontend

@prismo for the license do what you want, but you may want agpl like every other activitypub servers. (there are good reasons it's this way)

@marsxyz ok, i've just read it and it sounds like something i would love to use/follow. I'm in :)

Lb yesssss. Reddit descentralizado quero muito.

@prismo <3 love this energy around ActivityPub πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

i dont get it... so u can share directly w activityphb...

@ajeremias when compared to Mastdon:

- "original toot" is a story (or link)
- toot replies are the story/link comments
- stars are vote-ups

And everything dressed up in a UI similar to hackernews / reddit. Also, you can interact with prismo stories using your mastodon account (by voting and replying)

@prismo so how does this work? Is each 'community' an instance? Like a subreddit equivalent would be an instance? Very interested !

@bb010g I'll def take a look at that once they go public and ~~steal their ideas~~


Any hint about the language adopted to develop it?

@menjaraz it's ruby (on rails) on backend and Vue.js framework on the frontend

What kind of strange magic is this?;) can't wait, the federation rocks!!

@Diff my laptop died yesterday so the work is a bit delayed but i really want to publish official instance till the end of the week

@prismo Never worked in Ruby before but if there's anything I can do to help, I'm pretty hyped about this.

@Diff i can't "delegate" dev tasks as the development is a bit chaotic at this point but are you keen to help with copy? :)

@marsxyz @Diff still fighting! Need to deal with my main job stuff first :(

Ooooo...tell me more..I will follow prismo...follow prismo wherever prismo may go...there isn't an ocean too deep ....(humming the melody until it fades to silence )

@prismo What does that mean? What's Link aggregation?

@nbneer reddit is a best example of link-aggregation website :)

@prismo Is there somewhere I can read a "Motivation / Vision / Why / What Problems Are We Solving" document? I'm trying to understand how / why federation improves link up / down voting...?

@deafferret @prismo there are lots of articles about why the fediverse in general is important out there though

@thoughtcrime @prismo I grok federation for ~Twitter replacement. I don't understand it for ~Reddit replacement. I'm surprised there's no doc explaining "why?" :)

@deafferret @thoughtcrime reasons are the same for all the commercial Services i think. The ultimate goal is to create a set of Services Talking to each other via AP, the More of them the better.

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