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Prismo △

Comment threads live-update is ready! Couple of things still to be done and the v0.1.0 will be finally released! 🎉

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@prismo is this a reddit-like alterantive ? if so cool :3

@prismo How will you implement subprisms? Base them on instances?

@prismo Could you link me to the proper part of the specification? Are you aware of any other other ActivityPub-based projects that implement it?

@phoe @prismo An activitypub group is just an Actor, it has a `sharedInbox` and can be followed by any other actor. Even a mastodon user if the mastodon clients implemented `Link` message types.

@prismo is this OSS? Would it be possible to pull out the commenting features and include this as a comment box on a website (eg disqus style)?

@iamduck yeah it's gonna be OSS. I'm not planning Such feature but who knows :)