Good news - yesterday i managed to implement a federated comments! We're getting really close to first official release 😱

Meanwhile - did you know you can have a real impact on development process (without having the programming skills) by joining our discourse forum and taking the floor?

@prismo I might be able to help translating to Spanish, if you need help with that, point me in the right direction

@prismo glad to hear that! I'm really looking forward to see Prismo working.

@prismo Okay I just found out about this. Is this something like a federated reddit? Because that'd be AWESOME. How do you manage moderation? Are there plans to implement (in the future) custom CSS, and all that?

@rick_777 yup, we can say it's a federated reddit :) Moderation is super basic so far but can be extended for sure. Custom CSS and sub customisation in general are still open for discussion.

@prismo Thanks! I made a post with some of my ideas on (mo/fe)deration in the site.

@prismo I had an idea a few weeks ago about implementing federated moderation, mind giving it a look and see if there's something in there that could be useful for you?

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