I'm super sad to announce that in cause of bad server configuration, entire production database of has been accidentally wiped out. Without option to restore it.

You can't imagine how angry i am right now but i assure you i'm gonna write an extended post about that incident with description of everything that happened and lessons learned.

I'm super sorry for your loss, i hope fediverse will forgive me one day.

@prismo thank you for sharing, it's not easy to admit this kind of things :/

@prismo I'm pretty sure nobody will be angry at you.
In those case, the most angry person is usually ourselves. Just do something else today and come back tomorrow to explain everything. What have been done is done.


Stuff likes this will make you more cautious in the future :) We learn from mistakes and without mistakes - how could we ever improve?

@prismo Many posts live on in the Fediverse, for instance here on Maybe you can use them to do a partial restore?

@prismo I am not angry. Now I think you are an experienced person. And I expected this.

@prismo Sorry to hear about it, don't beat yourself too much about it though, once you get it back up, we will get back to populating it with new data. :)

Also, do share what caused it, should help others to be careful too.

@prismo it sucks but we will recover and restart 😉

It is the price we pay for doing things ourselves, and not by professional DevOps.

@prismo: Sorry to hear that! I wouldn't worry too much about it, though. When I first started my Mastodon experience, I joined Unfortunately, the server was wiped by accident, meaning that I had to start anew. Hence, that's when I started to get an inkling for just how powerful and wonderful the decentralized fediverse is. :)

@prismo @prismo
You did a mistake and you are transparent about it. You'll learn a lot of it.

Don't worry people will forgive you and for those who don't it doesn't matter.

Let's start again 😃

@prismo we are humans, we screw up from time to time, sometimes in a spectacular way and that's ok.

I'm sure the community will support you in this moment.

Looking forward to the extended post.

@prismo Been there, done that. We live, learn and constantly improve our processes.

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