Dark theme has landed on !

You can change it in Settings -> Preferences

@prismo: Nice! Do you plan on adding support for ‘prefers-color-scheme: dark’ to let the OS/browser decide based on the system theme? I think it’d be a nice addition

@alicerunsonfedora tbh i was not aware such option exists. Sounds neat, adding it to a issues tracker right now

@alicerunsonfedora @prismo also learned that just now thx to your toot. That is an awesome feature! (unfortunately only experimental as it seems)

@prismo Are tags ment to work like the subreddits on Reddit or are you supposed to host your own instance per subreddit?



Btw, is there any reason why is not up?

@selea if you're asking why it does not redirects to - it's lack of time fault. I didn't had time to configure the redirect ;)


My question was more like - why is the new prismo not using domain? I am just curious if there would be any problems doing that? Perhaps alot of instances that already follows users on

@selea that's connected to our recent data loss. We needed to change the domain to prevent accounts hijacking


Yeah I know about the dataloss, but I did not think about the hijacking possibility - good point

@prismo Now it got the "Apple Mojave look" 😁

@prismo so non authenticated users can't use it? I think that's a bit of an UX problem.

@mariusor yup, i was thinking about that but kept it for post 0.6 (frontend/backend split)

@prismo you need to check out what your competition[1] is doing for light/dark theme support. :P


@prismo fixed, sorry.

That's why we're not even in alpha. :D

@prismo thanx for noticing that issue, it was the logging mechanism which was doing a concurrent read/write from a golang map. Oops!

But it's fixed now, so thanx for contributing. :)

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