@wraptile @bhaugen also, you totally can use graphql endpoint with curl. Its not gonna be easy for More complex queries but you totally can do that.

Ps. Graphql is never gonna be an official go-to api of prismo. Its gonna be a secondary one at most. I decided to try the C2S route as a primary one

@wraptile @bhaugen i think all the graphql apis i've been working with so far were totally friendly (say, github). Also, in terms of developer-consumer friendliness, IMO even the worst graphql implementation is nicer to work with than the Best rest api (given they both share exact the same amount of data). Especially that graphql auto-suggests fields and self-documents itself. But, if the implementation is bad, its not really graphqls fault

@bhaugen long story short: in GraphQL consumer has a full control over how returned data is modeled and structured. JSON:API enforces you to use it's predefined scheme. Also, it really suck to parse a JSON:API response when there are includes attached (even most of node.js clients does it asynchronically as a Promise)

@wraptile @bhaugen and also, graphql is not really reinwenting the wheel as there is no such wheel yet :) graphql is amazing thing designed to make you Able to fetch anything you want in a single query. I think you Just did not used it enough to appreciate its pros :)

@wraptile @bhaugen setting Keys and headers is not something graphql specific. Its a mechanism of authenticating the request, any api standard can (and actually should) utilize that

@mariusor that's exactly what bothers me - no standards for basic things like that. But i can reconsider if you're saying it's working fine for you so far

@mariusor and btw - i've spoken about that with @dansup some time ago, maybe he has some valuable input in that manner as he already decided not to use C2S

@mariusor and how do you handle pagination, filtering, sorting or any other stuff not mentioned by the specs? You just made it in your own way?

@mariusor that official server-client api is not a real world solution for backend-frontend scenarios (+no one ever used it)


Another non-binding question: would you prefer Prismo to release a GraphQL API or JSON:API API (jsonapi.org/ with syntax similar to the official client-server specs of AP) ?

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@selea that's connected to our recent data loss. We needed to change the domain to prevent accounts hijacking

@mariusor yup, i was thinking about that but kept it for post 0.6 (frontend/backend split)

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