"Most worryingly, Google appears to be scooping up information about people who use incognito mode in their browsers – which most people think makes their activities invisible from Google."

Graphic CC BY-SA Sean O'Brien

@privacylab hmm, to begin with, what happens when you type something in the URL bar? As far as I know, characters are sent to the google search engine as you type. You could even change your mind in the middle of an URL, they'd already knew your first thought.

@privacylab 1) Use Tor browser + metasearch engines 2) Delete Google account (best : don't create one ^_^)

@Khrys smartphone choices are extremely limited for many users worldwide, and Android phones often require or compel the user to sign up for a Google account to use services on the phone and install apps via Google Play.

@privacylab You can use a smartphone LineageOS or replicant - compatible, with F-droid for the apps (+Yalp if needed).
At least, F-droid is super-easy to install on any Android phone !
+ see how to uninstall "native" unneeded/bad for privacy apps (in french) +

@Khrys yes, this is all great and exactly what we recommend to Android users, especially with @exodus scanner being used with @fdroidorg and Yalp Store.

There will continue to be billions of users stuck with stock Android+Google apps, for the foreseeable future. For this reason, it is not enough to suggest alternatives. Exposing dodgy location tracking in Google apps, on Google-powered phones, is also worthwhile.

@Khrys @privacylab Thanks a lot for these links Khrys !
It's party day in my phone :)
(strangely, the apps I removed still figure as "non-installed" in my app list in Settings, but with some MBs each)

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