we're looking for volunteers to seed / host the .iso file for Quillux GNU/Linux, our @debian respin with Signal, Wire, @matrix, @torproject Browser, @DuckDuckGo, and more. Please comment or DM and we'll send the file + checksum.

@debian @matrix @torproject @DuckDuckGo 🦔 thanks to gigenet for hosting our official Quillux mirror. Get the "preview" release here:



@privacylab Who maintains the updates? Is this just a custom debian setup or is it running own, non-debian repositories to provide packages?

@sheogorath at the moment, it's just a Debian respin. All applications are provided via Debian repos or other trustworthy repos (torproject, signal, wire, etc.)

The eventual plan is a Quillux repo with a few metapackages and theme/identity packages for the default config, but we plan to keep all the actual apps in repos as close to upstream as possible (Debian stable where we can).

@privacylab @debian @matrix @torproject if you publish the magnet link or torrent file, I can help seed the .iso.

@privacylab almost finished the download, then -> seeding! 😉
Just for info: is it still using systemd?

@metalbiker yes. as times goes on, not having systemd becomes more of a limiting factor w/ upstream compatibility... whatever your opinion is on the issue.

@privacylab Seeding from three different machines as we speak. One from NL, one from DE and one from FR. About to add more.

@privacylab @debian @matrix @torproject Hey, I'd like to seed this and try it too...

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