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Thanks ! I just downloaded it, and I have a serious cleaning to perform.
I'm surprise to see that Firefox, Orfox and HMA VPN have trackers.
Perhaps I'll change for another VPN. Also, ProtonMail have...
I'll check on m'y other phone (CM10).

Thanks a lot, happy new year's Eve!


Nothing happens on latest CopperheadOS/Nexus6P/Angler.

I'll check -privacy [at] Freenode.

yeah.... cool to have an apk to help you finding all that f...king trackers. Good job. And thank you too @U039b

@privacylab @Mastodon @gnusocial @exodus @EFF @torproject Hi, happy new year!
Maybe adding a line for OS would be great.
And another for : "Telling secrets: IRL, disconnected"

@La_LibreRie_solidaire @Mastodon @gnusocial @exodus @EFF @torproject we always recommend GNU/Linux distros etc., but thought the card was already a bit crowded. Thanks for the suggestions, we'll likely break this into 2-3 slides for a presentation and will add OS :)

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