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Yale Privacy Lab @privacylab

"Of the 146.6 million individuals affected by the breach:
145.5 million had Social Security numbers exposed.
99 million had address information exposed.
27.3 million had gender information exposed.
20.3 million had phone numbers exposed.
17.6 million had driver's license numbers exposed.
1.8 million had email addresses exposed.
209,000 had credit card numbers exposed.
97,500 had Tax Identification numbers exposed.
27,000 had the state of their driver's license exposed."


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@privacylab 'Because the databases stolen did not have a consistent schema, Equifax's forensic investigation team (with the assistance of a team from Mandiant) had to map the database fields to standard data elements in order to "determine the impacted consumers and Equifax’s notification obligations."'

It's amazing what lengths Equifax is going to to make absolutely certain they don't notify anyone they aren't legally required to notify.

Equifax needs to end.