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As found out this week, matters.

We maintain an Issues List, and always welcome comments so that we can find out what concerns you most regarding your .

Please feel free to comment here or DM us with your most-important privacy issues. We will add them to our Issues List whenever possible.

We use this list to Identify, Delegate and Solve (IDS) our most pressing needs.


A new clothing line confuses automated license plate readers - Looking for resources to make your own Computer Vision-triggering fashion and fabric designs? Check out the resource library below, and view the tutorial slides from my DEFCON 27 Crypto & Privacy Village Talk to get started. Libraries & APIs: OpenCV OpenFace VeriLook SDK OpenALPR PlateRecognizer TensorFlow Imag


SMB/SME risk: "A recent study surveying small and mid sized businesses found that 67% had experienced a cyber attack in 2018, and yet that same study found that cybersecurity is still 'not on the to do list' for SMBs..."

: "cameras could be a particularly juicy target for hackers: they’re full of personal images that most people likely won’t want to walk away from..."

NPR: "Countless federal agencies, military bases and other government buildings are facing a looming deadline. Starting next week, they will be barred from buying Chinese-made equipment."

.@eff: "Biometric surveillance by companies against consumers is a growing menace to our , freedom of expression, and civil rights. Fortunately... a lawsuit against Facebook for its face surveillance may move forward."

Teramind CTO in Forbes: "create a privacy-centered startup culture from day one. It’s the best approach to our modern moment, and it’s one that I believe many established tech companies wish they would have embraced a decade ago." 👍👍👍

Kalev Leetaru
in Forbes: "The idea of privacy is in many ways antithetical to the data-driven mindset promoted by computer science curriculums over the past decade."

The tech industry is in a deep crisis over the collecting and handling of our personal data. See how badly the constant leaks, breaches, and misuse of our information is affecting us and how to fight back💪 👉


"Consumer advocates say the act already exempts loyalty programs and that the retailer-sponsored bill would give businesses more power to force consumers to pay for their rights."

Our @diggity in AP: "Facebook has surveillance at the core of its business model, which is the monetization of data profiles about humans and about human social interaction.”

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