Snowden: "everything we do now lasts forever". When the next cloud data breach happens, where will your files end up?

"After receiving feedback on his most recent post titled “Taking GPL’d code proprietary,” he found that the issues addressed in the book are still relevant and decided to release it for free."

.@doctorow on PrivacySafe:

They say that "there is no cloud, only other peoples' computers," but it turns out that you can have both: a cloud that YOU own. Technological self-determination won't necessarily deliver a high-tech utopia, but its absence is dystopian as hell.

in addition to our Indiegogo campaign (, we're now accepting payments using BTCPay, the same software you will get on your PrivacySafe product! Check it out at or via @torproject .onion hidden service:


This may seem overwhelming - How do we offset the impact of 100 million always-listening devices?

We can help by educating our friends & family, by sharing news, and working to productively sway people away from culture.

There is nothing too big for us to undertake. We just need to be dedicated to the long-game for the sake of everyone's and .

Most people just want an easy way to find the current weather or play music. They don't realize what the impact is.

We maintain an Issues List, and always welcome comments so that we can find out what concerns you most regarding your .

Please feel free to comment here or DM us with your most-important privacy issues. We will add them to our Issues List whenever possible.

We use this list to Identify, Delegate and Solve (IDS) our most pressing needs.


A new clothing line confuses automated license plate readers - Looking for resources to make your own Computer Vision-triggering fashion and fabric designs? Check out the resource library below, and view the tutorial slides from my DEFCON 27 Crypto & Privacy Village Talk to get started. Libraries & APIs: OpenCV OpenFace VeriLook SDK OpenALPR PlateRecognizer TensorFlow Imag


SMB/SME risk: "A recent study surveying small and mid sized businesses found that 67% had experienced a cyber attack in 2018, and yet that same study found that cybersecurity is still 'not on the to do list' for SMBs..."

: "cameras could be a particularly juicy target for hackers: they’re full of personal images that most people likely won’t want to walk away from..."

NPR: "Countless federal agencies, military bases and other government buildings are facing a looming deadline. Starting next week, they will be barred from buying Chinese-made equipment."

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