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Great class last night with our first @privacysafe cohort. What did we cover? First, we did a quick intro into concepts of digital self-defense. Privacy is an ecosystem problem, so we talked about the rise of proximity tracking, and what that may mean after

I'm back on social media after a week of reflection, activism, and being inspired. Stay tuned for updates on @privacysafe and how we hope to help the movement now changing the world. I don't do "peace and love" branding. I offer help, from my hands to yours.

Discussion with Ashley Dawson from @CurveSummit is up on YouTube here:

...PeerTube and other platforms coming shortly.

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Ashley Dawson on the crises we face " is creating conditions that are likely to catalyze famines of truly Biblical proportions." Watch the video, it's enlightening.

About half of Americans are OK with DNA testing companies sharing user data with law enforcement —

in Vietnam: "I found terrible vulnerabilities. I wrote a report and shared with the developers, urging them to use DP3T. I also published a summary... The developers published a rebuttal basically calling me bullshit."

🔥 like a phoenix rising from the flames, I'm proud to announce @privacysafe Technology Foundation. We're focusing on & remote education as well as healthcare with @gnuhealth. Sign up for classes, starting June 4 w/ Digital Self-Defense:

watch me demo @privacysafe implementation of GNU Health from the conference.

It's coming a long way in a short time. Sponsor a deployment:

👍 No Hidden Costs: We don’t trick users into paying for features and describe all membership costs up front.

Become a Member:


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🤐 Private Conversations: We offer end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) chat to all members and instructors.
✋ No Ads, No Product Pitches: When we make recommendations we do it fairly, critically, and without sponsors.
💯 Fresh, No-Nonsense Content: We don’t cut corners, we talk about current events, and we disclose potential bias.
💬 Plain Language: Our classes offer clear and honest dialogue, delivered simply and without technobabble.


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Our Promise to Members :

🎁 You Own the Classes:
Recordings, slides, and other class materials are released under a Creative Commons license.
🔐 Classes Are Private: No dodgy ad-tech tracking by Google or other third parties.
🛡️ Classes Are Secure: We don’t require members to install broken apps like Zoom.
🙈 No Spying on Members: We don’t engage in surveillance or member profiling and ask for active, opt-in consent for information.


Your is under attack. What will you do about it? Classes start June 4 with Digital Self-Defense:

Building on the success of @CurveSummit, we've decided to focus on remote education and healthcare. Become a member of our nonprofit and join us June 4 for Digital Self-Defense classes.

We're incredibly grateful for all our attendees and speakers over these past three days for the first event.
Be on the lookout for a more formal recap of all the awesome talks, the slides, and the recordings.

Be Well and Stay Safe!

The final day of starts at 12:00 noon EDT with @diggity 's presentation on .

It continues with Trish Greenhalgh of the University of Oxford, Cypurr Collective NYC, Stephen Robinson and Lior Trestman of MakeHaven, @sri of ITRenew, and Evan Greer of Fight for the Future.

Help us end on a positive note!

Mikalai Birukou walks through 3NWeb services in "Another Digital World Is Possible"

3NWeb Early Access:

3NWeb Video Demo:

just wrapped up an amazing conversation with Will get video up ASAP. In the meantime, join us for more amazing sessions

UP NEXT: My session talking about @privacysafe + GNU Health and the utility for . I'll be demoing it on the BeagleBone AI.

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