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Definitely did not want to be photographed. I suspect paparazzi fees were expected.
Doubtless the government will stick to its tired old narrative: Who, sir? Me, sir? Not me, sir. Then who, sir?

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If you use Tor, know that DuckDuckGo Search has a new v3 address:

Note that to use that link you'll need to connect to the Tor network using something like Tor Browser:


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My patron Warrick asked for "boop" as this month's prompt, and I thought I'd practice my animation skills a bit. I know it's far from perfect, but I still had fun with this. 😼

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the university of milan has released over four hundred meows for non-commercial and research purposes (via

The cat with his back to the camera is the one who, when awake, calls loudly on seeing me, runs to me and licks my hand, purring away.

Mostly recovered from the catfight, although still very battered and thin. Has gotten over his weeks of fear.

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Extraordinary and stunning.

A pandemic castaway, fortunately being fed and protected.

Cautiously affectionate.

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This tough little fellow has had a rough time this past month recovering from a catfight.

The good news is his scars are healing, but he's not yet coming running up for a rub when he sees me.

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Yesterday, after 8 years of legal battles, the Grand Chamber of the ECtHR ruled that mass interception laws violate human rights.

In our analysis of this landmark case we explain why our fight against bulk interception is not over:...

Today, 26 May, is the Birth Anniversary of the first ever HomeLab Fruitfly Culture Line, titled SLBKA!

Congratulations, young Aswathy CUBE Nattika, and your collaborators across India, for achieving this, a world record in Collaborative HomeLab Science!

Just curious. Why are pictures of cats often hidden, with a warning message "Sensitive Content"? Has the League of Cats notified Mastodon that cat pictures are being posted without informed consent being taken in writing, and without a paws, from the cats on view? Are sensitive members here worried about the impact on their libidos by the views of undressed cat bellies?

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