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Note the close resemblance to Peter Fonda. Yes, a pair of shades would help, too.… When the 'official' course of conduct begins to fray at the edges...

"Oi! Do you mind holding your hand steady while I'm trying to lick it?

Do you think I'm an abrocat?"

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here I am
on the code again
here I am
earning my wage
here I go
on UI again
there I go
fuck this page

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Only corrupt will oppose Demonetisation and Digital India: Modi

“Financial frauds have seen exponential increase due to greater dependence on digital payment platforms following the COVID-19 pandemic”: Doval


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RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What an absolute legend.

And now begins a battle for the soul of the US Supreme Court, one that the Republicans are determined to win even if it means being shameless hypocrites about their own position 4 years ago.

What's black and white and green all over?

The daily mews, of course!

I don't know any of the people mentioned in the (lengthy) thread, but it's well worth the read, assuredly. And somewhere along the line, a link to more writing by the author, all good stuff.

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... Our friend has had to move his account to Give him your folLove.

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I'm enjoying @1br0wn's paper, "Interoperability as a tool for competition regulation", explaining how governments can use open standards like ActivityPub to break up Big Tech monopolies. Really interesting reading, and it cites Mastodon specifically as a place where interoperability has benefits to content moderation (which is something I've been saying for years!)

(h/t @doctorow for linking this!)

cc @cwebber

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