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i'm stuck in bed so i'm watching shrek the musical

my roommate's cat just came in to fart on my bed and left

didnt wanna crowdfund today cuz it felt disrespectful but i'm back at it tomorrow! if you're interested here's the twitter thread

mastodon! i only wanna come here in a good mood but i love u mastodon

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Star Trip has updated with Fillustration 34! It's the Rumin! Forerunners and inventors of the Pressure Pill.


i have cried twice in two days, once about the american girl astronaut doll and once about the black panther vibranium toy set ad
*smiles, cries as capitalism slowly boils her*

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phew! inktober zines designed, printed, cut, collated and assembled!

i don't celebrate xmas but i think it's super cute when people do

@_ dangit sorry random person, i'll try not to use that emoticon any more lmao

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it has been a Day but i got 3 hours of work in, there's video evidence and everything

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