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it has been a Day but i got 3 hours of work in, there's video evidence and everything

i get "you're so vain" stuck in my head all the time except my brain changes it to "i'm so sad"

my 2018 planner came!! i bought stickers and a new gelly roll pen to go with it

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my friend the maple tree has lost all their leaves but that's because they are now covered in SNOW. my friend the maple tree looks like a beautiful picture postcard uvu

i got a migraine so i biffed but i BELIEVE and i will keep fitING FOR YOU....
give olive money
give shivana money

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my throat hurts from screaming about botw lmao

the other night i woke up at 4 am, reached underneath myself, and found a pair of scissors i had been sleeping on -_-

waterbikes are a thing now, curse comics for being so slow

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i understand that not everyone knows about basic radio etiquette, but entertainment weekly: come on

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