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I'm making a new type of music inspired by KFC side dishes called "sporkcore" and, folks, it fucking sucks!

If you want to have a good time: bust out the old yo-yo and "walk the dog".

If you want to have a bad time: imagine a group of middle aged men dressed as Waluigi meeting in a cheap motel, crawling along the floor and eating overly ripe plums off the dirty carpet, moaning in dark ecstasy.

Sadly, Johnny was shot by a cop for wearing class V jeans (acid washed) while only being licensed for class III (stone washed) and lower denim products.

The Normality family will hold services after the mayor finishes awarding the heroic officer their medals.

You, frightened and stupid, a wailing child adrift upon an uncaring sea: Calcium enriched pasta.

Me, fearless and wise, master of my destiny and unbound by the laws of man: Spaghetti, extra bones.

In August, if you had to guess which competitive activity would involve high profile incidents of anal bead usage and rage quitting in September, you would almost certainly have been wrong!

So here's a question I've been too embarrassed to ask: With Q***n Elizabeth dead, does that change Duke Nukem's title?

I'm switching from Atom to Visual Studio Code and if feels like I'm adopting the coyote that ate my cat...

My wife was upset I was calling our new kitten an imp a few weeks ago. He now has a weird face, gangly limbs, a slight pot belly, and is randomly attacking other members of the household for 1d4 damage.

I feel like I am owed an apology.

Today is the 21st anniversary of Ultra Instinct bin Laden destroying the twin towers of Goku and Piccolo with a Kame Wahhabi Ha.

In the last 24 hours the following titles have been vacated:

AEW World Championship
AEW Trios Championships
The Supreme Governor of the Church of England

Ruth Bader Ginsberg smiles as Shinzo Abe opens the Pearly Gates.

"Welcome home, Your Majesty."

"Thank you... queen," Elizabeth grins.

God's corpse begins to decay even faster, its putrescence leaking into the world below, unleashing ever worse horrors.

This means that Queen Elizabeth outlived CM Punk's wrestling career.

I think that when the queen dies, to honor her legacy, they should fill Buckingham Palace with concrete, entombing the royal family and their servants, and then sink all of pervert isle under the waves so we don't have to deal with it anymore.

Let it be Neptune's problem for once.

The movie is called "Don't Worry Darling" and what are y'all doing?


While they should fire Ace Steel for shoot biting Kenny Omega, I feel it's a bit harsh to put someone in the position of having a resume which lists the reason for leaving their previous position as "shoot bit Kenny Omega".

Welding Truck Nutz™ to our precious F-35 fleet to establish dominance.

Everyone is trying to take my grimoires just because I keep using them to cast evil spells on grocery clerks and other haters.

I keep telling management that they need to offer competitive wages to attract quality workers but they keep hissing at me and hiring waves of pale cave dwellers who only have 1HP and die when exposed to the bright lights of the copier.

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