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Maybe instead of trying to use HSA, I should really hack this driver and add GCN shader support?
Cons of dropping HSA:
* HSA is minimalistic, I like that.
* Explicit low level virtual memory access.
Pros of hacking Vulkan driver instead:
* Wider range of supported hardware.
* No need for a custom Linux kernel.
* VK_EXT_external_memory_host is proposed already, it's a matter of time when it will be implemented.
* Radeon GPU Profiler has richer visualizations than just raw APIs.

AMD is publishing the source code to their official Vulkan Linux driver:

By default it logins with Wayland. You can see yourself with GpuLib how fast this piece of technology being 9 years in development renders graphics.

Logged out and switched to Ubuntu on Xorg.

It auto detected my Xerox printer over WiFi.


ROCm Use of Advanced PCIe Features and Overview of How BAR Memory is Used In ROCm Enabled System:

I value only those written or verbal opinions which match the objective reality. If I have more provably real information about the subject than a person who shares his / her opinions on it, then I ignore it due to insufficient level of detail awareness, without disregarding the possibility that he / she will learn more about it and I will unlock the channel & start to listen his / her opinions again. The only time and energy efficient way of switching between mental tasks for me, unfortunately.

Since I can't find info on this, my interpretations of AMD's abbreviations:

KMT == Kernel Mode Thunk (?)
KFD == Kernel File Descriptor (?)

"This source was HSA 1.0 Reference Code, AMD Donated to HSA Foundation a starting point help expidite has support on there hardware. For AMD Systems we are only officially supporting ROCm ROCr Runtime, ROCt Thunk layer, ROCk Kernel driver."

Before I starred this repository, it had 1 star and 22 (!) watchers:
I bet they all AMD employees.

Mr. President Of United Memory States of HSA Knighted This HP Laptop For ROCm Driver:


dmesg | grep CRAT
dmesg | grep IOMMU

"We still support the Carrizo APU and Bristol Ridge APU's, but your System vendor has to have in the System BIOS set up the CRAT Table correctly and also allow you to turn on IOMMUv2."
"IOMMUv2 needs to be turned on
And the BIOS need the CRAT table correctly set - it looks like the Vendor did not set the CRAT table properly."