Oklahoma is about to get real sick ... again. SMH

Gov. "bull" Stitt is going to "open" the state.

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I guess he just couldn't stand it that Texas did it first.

Please wear a mask in public until the majority of the population gets vaccinated.

@programwitch Let’s get a recall going, and give them real reasons to curtail people’s rights.


Q: Does Oklahoma law allow "recall" elections?
A: Generally, no. Oklahoma law does not provide a method to "recall" state officers (such as the governor or state legislators), county officers (such as county commissioners or sheriffs), school board members, or other elected officers.

@jollyrogue We just have to wait until he resigns (doubt it), is impeached (nope), or is voted out next year.

@programwitch Technicalities. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start one.

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