Using with your mod or game? We just announced AliceOS Prospect Park, our upcoming release! Learn more about it here:

Note: Prospect Park will be fully released to the public in the fall.

Today, Project Alice releases the first build (550e647) of Project Stein, the successor to The Angel Returns. Project Stein is available to download on GitHub for free as well as its source code. The downloaded ZIP file also works with Doki Doki Mod Manager! for those that prefer to use DDMM to manage mods.

Want to access The Studio via @matrix more quickly? We now have an instance of for you to use, ready at!

We're working on a new rewrite concept for The Angel Returns, and we'd love to hear your thoughts! Details found at

We're working on expanding our @matrix presence! We're adding more rooms and improving our current community to help promote decentralized chats. Join us at

We're hosting an AMA session on Reddit and Discord on Friday! Check it out

Have you heard? For guests or @matrix / users, we're creating a special bridge to some of our channels in The Studio, our Discord server! Just head to and click 'View in Matrix' to get started.


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