This is cute, a DIY Bluetooth trackball where all the electronics are inside the ball:

@djsundog I want to see the creator roll it around on the desk!

@projectgus I want to build a copy of it and also add in enough hardware to allow it to be a Marble Madness controller that actually contains all the hardware for playing the game except the display, which it provides over some screen sharing protocol to clients connected to its self-hosted wifi AP, and to roll it around on the desk.

@projectgus It's fun as an "See if we can do this," project, but wireless trackballs have always seemed bizarre. Since the device is fixed in place, there's no cord snag out anything like that to worry about, and making it wireless just makes it suck more power than necessary, introduces the possibility of it failing in use and needing to be recharged, and introduces a whole seperate wired piece for charging it. An inert ball with a wired base that can also contain clicking hardware seems to make much, much more sense.

@PastaThief yeah I agree it's probably not particularly practical, just neat!

It'd be interesting to see if you could detect taps on the ball with accelerometer to act as clicks... but still, not that practical!

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