Episode 1 of LibreArts podcast is out and features an interview with the @krita team that I did in early June at LGM.

There's one caveat: I have no Apple devices in my household and I don't live in a country supported by either Google Podcasts or Spotify. That means three aggregation options are out of question for now (VPN isn't helpful either). But I'm really new to this and I'm probably missing something.

Please let me know what you think about the podcast!

@mray @krita yes, took me a while to locate it though. can't share right now from phone :(

@prokoudine @krita that's awesome! I have apple devices, what does it take to get it on iTunes?

@paperdigits @prokoudine That Apple doesn't object to our having everything under LGPL, so it's not gonna happen.

May be a simple audio file player on LGW will do too, in addition to sound cloud :)

@raghukamath possible, but not at LGW, I ain't doing anything new there :)

@prokoudine @krita

Hi !
There is an audio only option on PeerTube since 1.4.0rc1. Perhaps not the best option for an audio channel, but a very good one to broadcast everywhere. There is RSS function in PeerTube.

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