For the coming winter holidays, I'm giving you a quick introduction to enve, a new 2D animation tool for Linux, made by Maurycy Liebner :)

@prokoudine Wow, I hope one day this can bridge the gap of After Effects, Linux has, 😉

@prokoudine HOLY SHIT – I think this might just be what I've been waiting for for over a goddamn decade. D:

@phryk @prokoudine Hmmm... damn.. looks like it only have Patreon and I just quit Patreon.

Can you let me know when he create a Liberapay account, so that I can give a bit of money. 😉

@prokoudine Ping @maiwann, isn't it something like that that you looked for ? When you were looking for something to create design mockups...

@prokoudine Looks like Flash (and Flash was pretty cool as an animation suite) =)

mypaint brushes with timeline... I think I can finally stop doing everything with code. :)

@eylul depends on how much of a fan of Processing etc. you are? :)

@prokoudine I love processing and find drawing with coding intuitive, but there are projects where I would like to be able to work using drawing. :)

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