To hell with 2020! Here is what you should be expecting to happen _this_ year in free/libre software for creative professionals:

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@prokoudine awesome roundup, thanks! is there / will there be an official mastodon presence for libre arts?

@eloquence submitted request for last week, it never came through

@prokoudine If you want to add a bit about Mixxx in there, I'd be happy to answer questions on what we're up to.

@prokoudine @openmastering Brief synopsis: we're working hard on getting the 2.3.0 release out. New features outlined in the beta announcement:
We've published a handful of blogs on about new features. Right now we're working hard on moving to more maintainable infrastructure using vcpkg for Windows dependencies. Getting macOS builds working with CMake took me much of the last ~3 months.

@prokoudine @openmastering In the past couple months, we've moved from phpBB to Discourse and moved from the unmaintained Cactus static site generator to Pelican, moved web hosting to Netlify, and moved builds to GitHub Actions from our own unreliable build servers.

@openmastering @prokoudine It hasn't been fun, but it's necessary to keep the project going.

Absolutely. Kudo for tackling this kind of work too...

I'm not well versed in DJ software but when I checked mixxx years ago, I found it great.
So what are your current challenges?

@openmastering Attracting and retaining macOS and Windows developers is our biggest challenge. All core devs use Linux. Moving to CMake has been helpful and we wrote scripts to get development environments set up on Windows and macOS easily. I borrowed a friend's 10 year old Macbook Air to get macOS builds working because Apple makes it such a hassle to run macOS in a VM.

@openmastering Hopefully Qt6's new graphics abstractions will help a lot with performance, especially on macOS. We're still using the old QWidgets which are rendered on the CPU.

@openmastering Beyond that, we have complete rewrites of the effects and music library database systems well underway. We are in early stages of a complete rewrite of the controller mapping system too.

@openmastering @prokoudine At this point the only server we host ourselves is our file server at . Everything else is free hosting for community free software projects. We want to write code, not figure out why servers go down.

@be @openmastering Thanks! Will be able to get back to this later today or maybe tomorrow morning

@be @openmastering updated the text, will go live in a few minutes, thanks a lot :)

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