Weekly-ish recap is out: new @inkscape, @penpot, BlenderBIM and Ardour releases, development fund for @krita, Audacity shenanigans

Featured artwork by Philipp Urlich

@prokoudine "Some users will quit Audacity", well... and what will they use exactly? What are the alternatives to Audacity on Linux? (Asking for a friend)

@astrojuanlu There are several single-track free/libre audio editors around, like Rezound (last updated in 2020 on github) or MhWaveedit. There are cross-platform proprietary editors like OcenAudio. Windows users have more choice.

@prokoudine Yeah, neither of those seem to be very alive. That was kind of my point: that on Linux it's either Audacity, or nothing. Which is quite sad :(

@astrojuanlu ReZound actually has latest updates from two weeks ago, I missed that :)

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