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For those interested in learning more about Kass and their world, I'm writing a book about it! Werewolf art, WIP updates, and all that good stuff gets thrown on the blog

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So that's this year's festive drawing for Kass: hunting for edibles and jingling all the way.

In lieu of their regular pagan winter celebrations (which have been cancelled in recent years in their region for complicated political reasons), the small rituals matter so much to them. Kass would be so proud of us for burning the GΓ€vle Goat.

Happy Yule!

here's a closeup

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And yes, this is basically the magical, medieval equivalent of a glow in the dark dog harness. Unsupervised werewolves spell trouble -- usually in the form of a muddy mess in your house because they've been "getting acquainted with nature". Honestly, in a modern setting Kass would probably craft a bunch of glow in the dark accessories inspired by those dog harnesses, especially if they come in multiple colours! They'd dress like they were going to a rave every night.

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Marcel gets around easy enough on his own, but a distractible werewolf isn't exactly easy to follow on hiking trips, and Kass realises they're very quiet when transformed. Getting inadvertently snuck up on by a werewolf is a daunting prospect, even for an immortal vampire.

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Sometimes they don't realise they've missed dinner and wandered a bit too far from home, so the glowing bells on their bag straps are to help friends and family find them in the dark. Kass crafted it themself and has taken to attaching shiny bells to a lot of gear they wear for fashion, festivity, and to accommodate their friend Marcel's blindness.

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Lycanthropy has a few perks, a great sense of smell being one of them! Kass is an avid forager and loves to embark on seasonal mushroom hunts, using their supernatural senses to find edible species in the forests throughout their home region. Like many other mushroom hunters, Kass can get very competitive about it and keeps their favourite mushroom spots secret, and they often get a bit distracted on their foraging trips.

This one was a journey! Commissioned by MagicDed (MagicDed @ twitter) as a gift for Raven (Ravendragon88 @ twitter), and done just in time for Raven's birthday (back in September, but I'm behind on posting art). Of note is the background - I haven't attempted one of this scale in Inkscape, and haven't generally done backgrounds in a long time. It was certainly a learning experience for me!

made in #inkscape

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #CommissionsOpen

night mode colours of the creature! and it glows in the dark! the bioluminescence isn't automatic, but a conscious warning sign to intimidate other critters and would-be predators.

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when in doubt, use pride flags for palette inspiration!
doing some more character design stuff, so here's a creature that's sort of a dragon/nudibranch/goblin thing!

tonight's my last of !
i didn't meet my goal, but i busted out 9000 words this month so im happy, and ready to keep going with the draft for the enby werewolf book :D

scrivener's been actually helpful for me as a writing program, so just FYI they have a 20% discount til 7th December if you wanna pick it up!

hope everybody else had fun with this year! happy holidays <3

this scruffy old boy probably has a few aged scars under that thick fur, hip problems and whatnot, so he uses his short staff to get around with now his spellcasting days are over

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saw a blurry picture of a dog jumping on instagram and thought "damn this has crotchety old wizard man vibes" soooo

and i thought i should give him a cloak because being old he must be a little more susceptible to chills

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