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enough of this top/bottom stuff. jesus' golden rule is simple: do unto others as they would do unto you

dryjacking jokes 😠 

@prolezone boosting this because I feel like there’s a conversation to be had about delineating between abuse and bad behavior. Casting every negative social interaction as abuse is a surefire way to completely fuck up a community and turn it toxic. So this isn’t necessarily just about Darnielle



once i made a "this is a spook" joke to a lib and she was like "spook is a racist joke" and i had to explain who max stirner was and it was the worst day of my life

id love to start playing the game "The Messenger" which i just bought but first i need to consume all giant bomb content that has been released in the past two days

ellen page is the top-billed star and she's a real good choice for vanya

hahahah i just saw the legit cast of the umbrella acadamy tv show and holy shit it's fucking stacked, jesus

I have to admit, I only really took MCR seriously after I read umbrella academy. I adored it, and figured the writer's band probably wasn't as bad as i'd assumed

imagine how many among us saw the I'm Not Okay (I Promise) music video, got that it was a parody, but still decided it was the only thing that understood them

every member of the eagles is dumber than anyone i've met in real life

pretty insulting for aretha franklin to sing at Martin Luther King, Jr's funeral but not John McCain's, imo

Todd Howard Will Give You A Dingus To Port Skyrim Onto If You Dont Already Have A Dingus

im glad that danika harrod has a good job, but the existence of a "fandom" of Dragon Prince like months before its premiere speaks to many of my issues with fandom

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