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Nope. Also, the Android app still depends on Google Cloud Messaging / Firebase Cloud Messaging. I wish they will get off it.

@protonmail Maybe it is time to ditch the browser and create OS X, Windows and Linux binaries


What's the ETA on the PM app being open sourced, released on Fdroid and Google dependant?
I heard it's been on your road map for a while?
I think it's the most important thing for PM left to fix. Forcing your Android users to install Google Play is not a good look when you're telling your potential customers to ditch Google for privacy reasons.

@sneakypete Hi! There are a few steps we must still make before open-sourcing the app. The process of publishing our app on F-droid has already started. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

@protonmail Your iOS app is rather primitive on a tablet...

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