American tech companies are quietly working with the FBI on "solutions" to end-to-end encryption, @gizmodo reports. There is no such thing as an encryption backdoor that only lets in the good guys.

Alex Stamos is FB former CISO.

"responsible E2E encryption" is double speak for having proper backdoors for the government and themselves of course.

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Interesting and valid point.
The idea is indeed/also to make a reference to '1984' (which doesn't contain that word), but the actual definition is:

"the practice of using ambiguous language regarding political, military, or corporate matters in a deliberate attempt to disguise the truth" - The Free Dictionary

which is precisely the intend.

So true! For anyone who's interested, here's a video from the great CGP Grey on why having back doors in encryption is a bad idea.

Pleople saying apple is the panacea of privacy grind my ears

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