Hackers stole a Microsoft employee's credentials and accessed the body of users' emails, reports @motherboard. This particular attack is impossible with ProtonMail as we can't read user emails. Learn about zero-access encryption:

@protonmail But we do rely on the JS your serve, which you do have the power to change, and therefore we do have to trust you on this right?

@aran @protonmail It’s down to trusting a company with a reputation (and revenue stream) built on security vs. a company with a reputation not built on security. You have to trust someone somewhere. Your choice.

@subdevil @protonmail There are many trustless technologies available now, thinking "you have to trust someone somewhere" is old school thinking.

@aran @protonmail so there are trustless technologies for all of your technology needs? Everything?

@subdevil @protonmail Of course not, I was referring to email/messaging, but trustless options for a wide variety of applications is available such as voice/video, file sharing, docs/spreadhseet/code collaborating, payments, title transfers, notorisation and many more, and its growing all the time.

@aran @protonmail So not everything. And you are still relying on the correct implementation of many of those tools and supporting systems.

@protonmail Microsoft don't have enought knowlegde to do that. They prefere NSA

@protonmail What's worse is that Yahoo and Microsoft recycle email addresses. Anyone can then use that address to reset passwords or reactivate closed accounts (like Facebook, Twitter, etc). Someone can take over your online persona.

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