You can now unlock the ProtonMail app with your fingerprint! See what other improvements are in the latest version here:

@tudorplugaru This is coming soon too. Make sure to follow us for any news and updates.

@protonmail Thank you ProtonMail Team.
Thanks, I was able to check my email quickly.

Great job !
And your Dolphin onesie for 1/04 are so funny 😉

I like "Link confirmation" feature. Before link is open in browser I can really see what I did click. thanks

it is strange: when enabling PIN it is asking to create it by taping numbers BUT I am not able to do that. Touching numbers and nothing happen. 😞

I am using twilight to dim blue color. Not sure if it is overlaying app. Thank you for replay. Meantime it is working now ;-)

@protonmail Until your #Android app ships outside Google Playstore's #walledgarden of surveillance, it will fail to impress.

Wake me up when the app appears on #fdroid, as Tutanota's app does.

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