Recently sites have appeared which claim to provide ProtonMail coupons or provide our customer support number. Be wary as these sites may be malicious. ProtonMail does not provide publicly available phone numbers or coupons.


I get almost daily phishing mails like "Please verify your account or we due to security reasons have to close your account in x days - ProtonTeam."

I report them as soon as I get them but that's all I can do at the end...

@CKsTechnologyNews @protonmail Ugh, tell me about it. We are the same especially for me, being the proprietor and lead system administrator of a web-host. The spearphishing emails are just endless.

@phobos_dthorga @CKsTechnologyNews @protonmail They are endless because they work. No matter how much training you provide, there are people who just have to click on that link. Similarly with fake news, no matter how much you educate people to not trust social media and to verify sources, they still get sucked in. Stupid is what stupid does and there seems to be no cure.

@jj @CKsTechnologyNews @protonmail The emails are quite persuasive, or at least, some of them are. I was nearly fooled by the first few myself but always have a habit of typing in the company's web-address manually into the browser.

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