ProtonMail v3.16 adds elliptic curve cryptography, undo move, and a new anti-phishing feature. Learn more:

I'll be checking this new encryption system in a little while.

Regarding the phishing safeguard, I agree that it would make people safer, but wouldn't it also make them click links more often because they rely on the prompt? If they have multiple email accounts they work with, they might become more vulnerable on their non-proton client.

When I tried to add a new encryption key, I was told that there was an algorithm already associated with the accounts I have, even though the encryption is the RSA variety. Any suggestions on how I should proceed?

@flutergork You can simply click `Confirm` in the modal to generate a new key. it's just a warning that the account will become slower due to multiple keys being added.

For some reason, I already had an ECC encryption key and that's maybe why I was getting that message.

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