While trying to convince us all that they take user seriously, Google is prohibiting ad blockers in Chrome. Trackers will be able to follow your activity across the Internet - and Google will be able to continue collecting its ad-based revenue.

@protonmail Therefore it would be nice if we could get a calendar and a drive via Protonmail as soon as possible.

You might want to try for their free #nextcloud and email services, 4gb no strings attached, very cool peeps as well.

@dermitdemdino What does this have to do with this?

I mean, just don't use Chrome/ium then this problem is gone. You can still use Google services in another browser, if needed.

@rugk @dermitdemdino According to the article, it doesn't impact Brave, which is built on Chromium. Would that also then apply to Edge, Vivaldi, Opera, and other Chromium based browsers?

@jj @dermitdemdino who knows, AFAIK it is not even implemented yet, or at least not shipped…

@dermitdemdino We are actively working on both the Calendar and ProtonDrive. Thank you for your patience.

@protonmail That's not good. Does this count for all Chromium browsers or just Google Chrome?

@protonmail You say they're trying to convince people they give a rat's tail about privacy but from where I stand they're just openly telling us:
"hey, we're Google, you know we're watching you so hard we're predicting your whole life and giving it to you on a plate ready to be consumed and we know you like it, don't you? Let's just pretend together that you own your life even though we both know better 😉"

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