Using Gmail confidential mode is neither secure nor private. As long as Google can read your emails, its privacy promises will always be disingenuous. Here’s why Gmail’s confidential mode isn’t actually confidential:

@protonmail I'm currently switching to your service :) I like it so far 🙌

@electret Welcome to your new secure email 👋 Ping us if you have any questions. If you haven't already, you can also activate your short email address:

@protonmail We can use GPG encryption in Gmail mail. It's free and we can work through third-party email clients, we will not have stupid restrictions on the number of folders in a free account. 😜


When does your mobile client finally support Multi Accounts ?! So far only one account + alias addresses. What is the use of a client that has the best data protection, but working with it becomes a torture?!

@Th3G4m3r Hi! This is planned and will be available soon. Thank you for your patience.


You've been planning this for over a year. So slowly it becomes unbelievable. You always give the same feedback with each inquiry to this topic.

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