Google and Facebook are selling us fake privacy that’s good for them and bad for users. We can’t let ad-funded businesses redefine the concept of privacy.

What about ProtonMails Fake Privacy (giving data to authorities as by swiss law, reported by multiple sources)?

Can't be arsed to look it up myself. Any examples of the alleged 'multiple sources'?

If someone claims to encrypt mail they should encrypt mail. It is the centrail service claim. If they choose swiss with it's questiuonable laws about this a a country from where to offer the service their decision was obiously quite wrong.

See the linked article, especially Addendum 2; in the mean time the problems were confirmed by german security specialists. It seems to me that Protonmail is only doing damage control by issuing statement saying that is is wrong:

#^ProtonMail voluntarily offers Assistance for Real-Time Surveillance | Steiger Legal

The following text is an unofficial English translation of the article ProtonMail bietet freiwillig Hand für Echtzeit-Überwachungen as published on 23 May 2019 in German. The translation was arranged for …

@phaserune read the article linked above. Law obedience is one thing. Another thing is advertising things that are not true.
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