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@protonmail a @fdroidorg version would be good, a lot of people here like me don't use google stuff :(


Not happening since it's proprietary
You can try #tutanota however
Not only do they have a f-droid exclusive app already, but their servers are run on green power exclusively


@wuwei @Divert @kim Yeah, maybe It's time to change to @Tutanota ... Migration would be easy as I use a custom domain (actually, to avoid dependency).


I switched from proton last month and I never looked back. I highly suggest it

@wuwei @Divert @kim
"First, we plan to release our apps on F-droid, an open source Android app repository, which is today one of the most popular alternative app stores. In addition to F-droid, we are also considering a few additional app distribution channels, including the Samsung Galaxy Store, the Amazon App store, and the Huawei AppGallery. Samsung and Huawei are, respectively, the largest and second-largest smartphone manufacturers in the world."

@desikn thanks, but first they need an open source or free software license to upload their app on fdroid it's more complicated than writing a blog post :D

@wuwei @Divert


5 years ago, back in the fundraiser days, the developers promised a libre app eventually

3 years ago a proprietary app was released with a promise that one day, IF the funds to maintain it properly are acquired, it will be opensourced

Now we fallen all the way down to "we'll try to stick it in f-droid but don't worry we got plenty of proprietary alternatives if it doesn't workout"

Do you not see the issue here?

@Divert @kim

@wuwei @desikn @kim

I am happy with #Protonmail 's service, but It really sucks to not have a F-droid app.

I pay a fair amount of money yearly for their services. Maybe it is time to take a look at #Tutanota


Life is too short and we're all too poor to settle on "it's okay, but.." software

If it doesn't make you happy, try an alternative. Just because something is good, doesn't mean something can't be better.

Maybe you'll decide to stick with proton in the end, but I think the alternatives are worth a try

@wuwei @Divert @kim "We are doing a professional/independent third party audit at this time before open sourcing. The reason is, its better to have professionals doing an audit, before we "invite" the Russians to do their own "audit"."

Unless they are lying, I still have some hope.


Oh yes, them saying the current app hadn't been properly audited sure brings me a lot of comfort.

Look I would love if it did come out, however fact is it's 3 years too late.
If their app wasn't ready they shouldn't have released it under a proprietary licence and instead let developers help them prepare it.

@Divert @kim

@Divert @desikn @wuwei @kim Ha. No, I don't have inside information. I only know what I read.


Yeah the original one, ended about 2 years ago I belive.

They made a few more guesses over the years and failed them as well.

Currently there isn't an official one at least

@desikn @kim

@desikn thanks it's good to hear it... next step the android app ;)

@wuwei @Divert


Not gonna happen since years later their app is still proprietary

@wuwei ah ok, I see, according the wikipedia page the client is open source (mit) and the mobile app is propietary, hmmm sad very sad

Waiting f-droid version to buy account... Can't use proton until that... Connecting from browser as clean as possible until that... Professional usage not possible for the moment...
@protonmail @fdroidorg

@protonmail Awesome! Definitely gonna try it, looks much better than my custom css atm

@protonmail how is the screen reader accessibility? JAWS, NVDA, Talkback, Voiceover?

@protonmail reminder to all readers that ProtonMail is an open source gaslighter, apropriating the language of open source while at once pushing proprietary software, non-standard protocols, and vendor lock-in

@sir @protonmail I feel like there is some [citation needed] here. They do release open source software:

Their apps and some of their other components might not yet be open source, but I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call it 'gaslighting'.

@protonmail Thank you! Really great job!
Waiting for the themes only :)

@protonmail great news! Just tried it and got a few comments: the little lock icon stays on top forever, and I opened a mail and couldn't find any way to delete it... No way to find the settings either... Thanks for your work!

@protonmail Unsurprisingly, the so-called modern design gives me an unreliable feeling.

@protonmail Stop fuckin around people.. where's my protondrive!? :blobugh:

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