The ProtonMail iOS app is now open source! We have also published our iOS security model. Learn more about open source at ProtonMail and what else is planned:

@Antanicus @fdroidorg Hi! Yes, we're working on it. You can get the Android app in the meantime here:

@protonmail Do you have plans to release the protonvpn app on f-droid as well?

@ltsallas Yes, ProtonVPN is on the road map to be open-sourced as well.

@beli3ver We plan to open source all of our applications, but before open sourcing each client, we are conducting a thorough third-party code audit. The audit for Android is still in progress at this time. iOS was prioritized because had received threat intelligence about a suspected Chinese malware targeting activists using iOS devices and we wanted to share potential countermeasures with the iOS developer community.

@protonmail at risk of asking a stupid question, is there any way to validate that the binary on my phone is actually compiled from the published source?

@protonmail is the Proton server software now open source too? Can the whole thing now be self hosted? If not, why not?

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