Calendar apps that spy on user data, beware: Your days are numbered.
The Proton team discusses the development process for the upcoming ProtonCalendar. You'll get to try the beta yourself very soon. Stay tuned.

@protonmail Well said Proton. Really looking forward to what you guys have created. Keep up the great work!

@protonmail release of android app without reliance on google services when? Show us you really care about privacy.

@protonmail This will be so perfect !!! The last part of the puzzle. Thanks for it.

@protonmail I don't get all the fuss about encrypted calendars. Most people only use calendar on one device; they could just use an offline calendar (like Simple Calendar), and they wouldn't have to worry about data leaving their device.

Or there are other options, like syncing or self hosting or encrypting manually on a free cloud. Not everything needs to be centralized.

@protonmail Hi, guys! When is calendar due for release? Please feel free to include me in the alpha/beta round if you feel like it. I've worked in tech support for twenty years and now as Technical Writer. Would love to give loads of feedback. Cheers!

@protonmail Wow! I've tried it some.


A. When will one be able to import existing calendars? I want to migrate from gcal asap (of course).

B. Locations for events: will they be autocompleted and tied to maps? I know this might be a huge privacy thing.

C. I know ProtonCalendar is in beta now. Do you have any place on the net where you list updates as they're added, i.e. a changelog?

Thanks a lot!

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