Android isn’t exactly known for its privacy protections. But Google’s popular mobile operating system isn’t going away any time soon. Here are 14 Android privacy tips you can implement right now.

@protonmail I have a few good ones
Flash lineageOS without GApps
Install F-Droid
Install Aurora Store
Install orbot and Brave from there
Use FOSS alternatives for everything else
Bye bye Google

Ha, literally took the first few words from my fingertips! "Flash lineageOS" That's most of the work done already.

@protonmail When will your App be on F-Droid? Eagerly looking forward to being able to use ProtonMail on my phone.

@unicorn @protonmail Came here to ask just that. Too bad your question has been ignored.

@protonmail Simple, install Sailfish OS. If you need android apps install F-Droid+MicroG. 😎 Android or Android ROMs are very lame. 😖

LineageOS? Not sure how good of an advice it is. To install it you need to root your device and doing so is pretty much like leaving the keys on your car when you go shopping.

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