Services from Google and Facebook may appear to be "free", but there's a greater cost: your personal data and privacy. Thanks to BBC News for recommending ProtonMail as an Gmail alternative which protects your personal information & respects your privacy.

@protonmail Their recommendation of Brave was bad on their end, Brave runs chromium which Is maintained by Google and chromium has a monopoly on the web. Brave injects their own ads and crypto mining technology Into the websites you visit

@Main_Tomato @protonmail While the features of Brave browser may and should be questioned thoroughly and Chromium connection is fair - your comment is spinning it too far.

Brave doesn't inject ads, it pops up a notification with ad (it doesn't change the ads in page, it completely kills them) & Brave doesn't inject crypto mining tech - it's not doing any mining, but it injects small buttons to tip creators with BAT.

To be an alternative, you have to be in an alternative store, like F-droid, for example. Ggl trackers in their apk store...
Can't wait for your F-droid apk 👍

Alternativas a Google y Facebook. Toca empezar a proteger nuestra privacidad (y la de los nuestros). Pero costará que la gente deje de usar Whatsapp (y otros mainstream nocivos). 🤔.

Este artículo de la BBC habla de DuckDuckGo, ProtonMail y Signal, entre otros.

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